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The name, "GesUndheiT"

"Gesundheit" is, as you might know, a German word. It means "health." You have likely heard, received, or offered a "Gesundheit" after a sneeze. It is customary in Germany--and parts of the U.S. that had a high density of German immigration--to say, "Gesundheit," to someone, after they sneeze. It's purpose is to offer the "sneezer" a wish of good health, and to ward off sickness. (In English, this is akin to saying "Bless you.")

Similarly, our sauerkraut and other fermentations, with their beneficial probiotics and nutrients, will help keep you in good health! Gesundheit!

Also, you might have noticed something about the name, "Gesundheit," as it is used in the header for the name of our company. It contains three, enlarged letters: G, U, and T. This spells "GUT," obviously (as in digestive tract. (Clever, no?     ) This is to highlight the fact that our fermented foods are good for your gut because they provide it with probiotics, indigestible carbs (prebiotics), and many other nutrients. 

Finally, if you thought the "GUT" lettering was clever, then how about the fact that, in German, "gut" means "good"! This gives you "GUT Fermentations," which means "Good Fermentations." This highlights the fact that our products are not only good for your gut, but that they also taste good! Would a comparison between the Beach Boys' song, "Good Vibrations" and "Gut Fermentations" be too much of a stretch? Yeah. Ok. Probably. 

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