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About Us

I started GesUndheiT Fermentations with a mission to provide a healthy product, using only natural ingredients, and organic and local, whenever possible. My interest and love of sauerkraut stems from the fact that my mother is German. I grew up eating it, and watching it being cooked, whether at home, or when I visited my relatives in Germany.  


The making of sauerkraut--and fermented foods, generally--grew, in one part, out of my passion for growing and making things. Anyone who knows me, knows that I always have a variety of gardening, food, and household projects going on at any one time. The inspirational spark for making sauerkraut, however, came from my German godmother, Inge. Living in a house, in the outskirts of Munich, Inge, as almost all Germans do, cultivates her small yard. She grows plums, apples, vegetables, flowers, and a variety of berries. Inge would make jams, marmalades, and pies from her fruits and berries. She would also pickle vegetables of all sorts.


Sitting at the bottom of her basements steps, in a dark corner, was a large ceramic pot, filled with fermented cabbage--sauerkraut. I still remember her showing it to me, and explaining how she made it--an age-old tradition that she learned from her mother. Naturally preserved by way of salt and high levels of lactic acid produced during the fermenting process by naturally-occurring, beneficial bacteria, this sauerkraut would keep indefinitely in its cool surroundings. The sauerkraut would find its way to the dining table on a regular basis during the fall, winter, and early spring. So a heartfelt "Danke" goes out to Inge for her inspiration.

GesUndheiT Fermentations, as its name suggests, aims to bring you health via naturally-fermented, whole plant food products, full of beneficial bacteria that will boost and support your gut microbiota, which, as scientists are discovering, plays a critical role in digestion, mood, and overall health. Now that's nothing to sneeze at. Gesundheit!

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